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Dan Stewart is the CEO and Cofounder of Happy Grasshopper

Dan Stewart | Founder of Happy Grasshopper 

The Story

Prior to founding HG in 2011, I had the privilege of starting six other companies. This means I’ve succeeded (and failed!) far more than I ever expected to.  Along the way, I learned that success (and failure!) is a direct result of the quality of people we are able to attract. Recruitment became my primary focus, and it worked.

Through attracting the right people – those who would adopt my mission and carry it in their hearts as their own – my companies grew more quickly and profitably. One spent four consecutive years on the Inc. 500 | 5,000, another was featured in Forbes, and now, at Happy Grasshopper, we've spent a decade serving many of the fastest growing brokerages, teams, organizations, and agents in all of real estate. 

When they asked for my help with recruitment, I felt well equipped to serve– but what I discovered surprised me.

Many of them were locked in an endless cycle of cold calling. They were in hopes of finding enough agents who happened to be thinking about changing brokerages at the time they called. Naturally, the agents susceptible to this approach were in crisis, and the brokerages, teams, and organizations who recruited them soon discovered these agents tended to bring crisis with them– making it even more challenging to attract the agents they desperately need. If this sounds familiar, I have good news, because there really is a better way.

We've used it help our members attract and recruit staggering numbers of agents over the past eight and a half years. No matter how large your goals, or how desperate your current situation may seem, we have the talent and experience to help. Book a Recruitment Strategy Session below and we'll discover if Happy Grasshopper is right for you.

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